About the foundation

Átlátszónet Foundation has been a committed supporter of social justice, democracy and sustainable development since 2013. The purpose of Átlátszónet Foundation is to promote transparency and freedom of information, and fight corruption in Hungary.

Átlátszónet Foundation carries out the following public benefit activities:

  • To support investigative journalism in matters relating to the exercise of public power, the use of public funds and the protection of fundamental rights,
  • Supporting the publication of investigative journalism and ensuring the publication of investigative journalism works,
  • Support the submission of requests for information of public interest or public data of public interest and the initiation and pursuit of related administrative and judicial proceedings,
  • Facilitating the disclosure of data of public interest, data which are in the public domain or data which are otherwise accessible to the public,
  • Publishes the results of its activities in the printed and electronic press, on the Internet and in other publications, organises conferences, lectures and courses on them, and participates in the awarding of civic prizes in the fields related to its activities,
  • Cooperating with Hungarian and international NGOs and other organisations active in the field of transparency and the fight against corruption, and sharing its experience with them.

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Átlátszónet Foundation also plays an active role in the operation and promotion of the KiMitTud public interest data request portal.

  • Year of foundation: 2013
  • Chairman of the Board of Trustees: Dr. Balázs Tóth
  • Other member of the Board of Trustees: Dr. Tamás Richárd Bodoky
  • Book of decisions [HU]
  • 1084 Budapest, Déri Miksa utca 10., 1/10.
  • Registration number: 01-01-0011774
  • Tax number: HU18516641